Second session with Ruth

Tonight I showed Ruth how to author a blog post.  Among the topics we covered were the difference between:

  • a post – a single “article”
  • a blog – a collection of posts
  • a tag – a way of classifying posts so that they can be later found by topic

Next time, we plan to create Ruth’s blog.  In the meantime, Ruth will think about what her blog will be about so that she can write her “About this blog” page.  Themes to consider:

  • Describing “who I am”
  • The focus of the blog
  • Why I am interested in this topic
  • Who has influence my thinking
  • Where I expect this to lead

It would also be helpful if Ruth could identify a quote and/or story that summarizes her blog’s namesake.

Next session: Februrary 8 @7pm (tentative)

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