Congregational Author-ity

Tonight at the congregational membership committee we were discussing some items related to the membership bylaws and we decided to “wordsmith” the changes over email.

Since I was the secretary for the meeting, I offered to send out the minutes by email and also share them by google docs for those who wished to edit the document directly.

I offered to experiment with Jean Miller on editing the google docs from her home computer.  I quickly put together a draft of the minutes and shared them with her.  I then gave her a call and we had fun making changes to the document interactively.

A few things of note:

  • The default document text of Arial 11pt was way too small for Jean to read, so I increased the font to 18pt.
  • Jean was interested in seeing the revisions to the document so that she could tell who wrote what.  I did a quick search and I found that you can view revision history:

File > Revision History

Not everyone on the committee has gmail, but when I shared the document, I noticed that pastor Michelle Dula’s account was added with full edit permissions, leading me to suspect that her church email is using Google Docs.  If it is, collaborating between staff and gmail users would be very easy!

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