Second session with Nels and Esther

I returned to Nels and Esther’s house today to change a folder display setting on their computer back to the way it was before I came.

While I was there we talked about several things:

  • RIght now it takes Nels about 3 months to assemble the yearly report.
  • He feels comfortable with his system and does not want to change; partly because he does not want to take on any extra work at this point.
  • I exported one of his files to Excel format and suggested that I experiment with it to see what is possible.
  • I noted that very few people use the Microsoft Works program that Nels is using; and that he will have to convert his files to Excel format if he wants to share them with anybody.
  • I also made a backup of all Nels’s files to a USB drive in case something ever happens to their computer.  I suggested that if Nels doesn’t want to copy his yearly totals into a new column, he at least archive his files annually so that he doesn’t completely loose the ability to view past data.

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