First session with Ruth

Tonight I met with Ruth Detweiller to talk about the idea of a blog focused on the subject of mental health.

We talked about the topics Ruth wishes to cover in her blog, and how she sees them being organized.

One of the ideas I introduced Ruth to was the concept of the permalink — a blog article’s permanent address.

I also showed her how sites like the New York Times use tags to organize content by topic, using, for example, the “mental illness” tag.

Many of Ruth’s most formative sources of information are books and articles.  She has made copies of these articles and lends them out.  Being able to link to online copies of these resources would “enhance” her ability to share.

As an example, we searched for an article written by Urbane Peachey titled, “A ministry of recognition.”  Sure enough it was online!

I taught Ruth:

I then showed her the editing section of my blog and showed her how similar it was to writing an email.

Next Steps

We did not identify a date for our next session, but the next steps are:

  • Tim will write up a summary of the first session.  Done.
  • Ruth will think about what material she would first like to publish
  • Tim and Ruth will think about a name for the blog

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